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A Musical Journey

While he’s new to most who come across his music, Chris is actually an experienced singer/songwriter and performer. For 20 years, he has honed his skill and distinctive voice through writing, recording and live performances. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Collective Soul, Journey, Stained, Eve 6 and many other national touring acts, and is just as at home in front of thousands as he is behind the microphone in the studio. Chris recorded and released two full albums with his former band, Nevershine, one of which spawned the release “Breathe Again,” which garnered regular rotation on Tucson radio station KFMA. Record companies and publications around the country took notice. Like many bands, however, the members went their separate ways.

Chris recorded his first solo EP in 2002 with former Kicking Harold frontman Tim Kelly at the production helm. It was another small but vital step in the process of finding his voice and focusing his musical style.

Chris has spent the majority of the past 15 years writing and recording in his home studio while focused on raising his 10-year-old son with his wife Cadre.

The last three years have brought a renewed energy and creative drive for Chris, starting with his latest EP “Scenes from the Way Down,” recorded with renowned producer and mixer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Frey, James Blunt and Augustana) in April of 2016. Since then, Chris has been busy collaborating with producer Chris Sweet.

Chris’ writing conjures vivid, cinematic, songscapes whose melodic pop sensibility is enhanced by his flair for the dramatic. His deeply personal sonic palette draws listeners into an emotionally resonant landscape. Demonstrated in songs such as Darker Side of Me, Cry, Gravity and All That’s left. Each being a deeply personal window, a cathartic exploration of love, loss, life lived and truths revealed.

Most recently, Chris Sahlin and Chris Sweet have collaborated on a handful of songs that they will release as singles starting in September 2020, as Sahlin + Sweet. With Sweet taking a more active role as writer, in addition to producer and mixer, the songs are a true amalgam of style and depth that gives focus and clarity to Sahlin’s powerful and expressive voice. This unique creative synergy call for greater exploration.

Currently, Chris is focused on writing and building a band to bring his songs back to the live arena for the first time in many years. The future begins ...